Weather in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province Iran

Today's Weather in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province

Weather in Ostan-e Chahar Mahall va Bakhtiari

Shahr-e Kord

Weather Forecast Shahr-e Kord
Longitude:50.8644444 Latitude:32.3255556


Weather Forecast Borujen
Longitude:51.2894444 Latitude:31.9683333


Weather Forecast Farrokhshahr
Longitude:50.9822222 Latitude:32.2727778


Weather Forecast Farsan
Longitude:50.5641667 Latitude:32.2569444

Inekak-e Dudera'

Weather Forecast Inekak-e Dudera'
Longitude:50.8016667 Latitude:31.3102778


Weather Forecast Vaqfi
Longitude:50.5794444 Latitude:31.725

Tang-e Do Shalvari

Weather Forecast Tang-e Do Shalvari
Longitude:50.8852778 Latitude:31.5488889

Talaf Gerd

Weather Forecast Talaf Gerd
Longitude:50.4175 Latitude:31.725

Shahrak-e Zeverdegan

Weather Forecast Shahrak-e Zeverdegan
Longitude:50.8616667 Latitude:31.9655556

Sarkun-e Sofla

Weather Forecast Sarkun-e Sofla
Longitude:50.8316667 Latitude:31.7544444

Sang-e Bil

Weather Forecast Sang-e Bil
Longitude:50.6169444 Latitude:31.9897222


Weather Forecast Talayeh
Longitude:50.9844444 Latitude:31.235

Qal`eh-ye Madraseh

Weather Forecast Qal`eh-ye Madraseh
Longitude:50.5461111 Latitude:31.4966667

Qal`eh Barez

Weather Forecast Qal`eh Barez
Longitude:50.4027778 Latitude:31.5158333


Weather Forecast Qa'idan
Longitude:50.6175 Latitude:31.6761111

Nurabad-e Dudera'

Weather Forecast Nurabad-e Dudera'
Longitude:50.7752778 Latitude:31.3611111

Monj-e Baraftab

Weather Forecast Monj-e Baraftab
Longitude:50.6344444 Latitude:31.5319444

Mian Qal`eh

Weather Forecast Mian Qal`eh
Longitude:50.7822222 Latitude:31.3483333


Weather Forecast Laderaz
Longitude:50.69 Latitude:31.4705556


Weather Forecast Lirabi
Longitude:50.4947222 Latitude:31.9475

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